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Audio Like You've Never Seen

Who We Are

VETR Audio came about because audio needed a facelift. We're two brothers from Phoenix who, instead of rehashing old ideas, decided to throw the rulebook of design for speakers out the window and start from scratch. What we designed is the PANL1, a speaker like nothing you've ever seen. We will always approach this with the mindset that we are just getting started. We're not here to make a dent, we're here to change the way you see audio.

We set out to build a game changing product, maybe not one the entire world would notice, but one significant enough to be noticed.


The Idea

We pride ourselves on pushing the envelope of what product design can be. We apply this mentality towards everything we place our hands on and place a large amount of pride in the products we make. The PANL1 is the first offering of a line of products we have planned each more exciting than the last. It is our intention to bring not only the most exciting offerings to our customers but some of the best built, which is why every system is put together by hand and tested by us. We hope you enjoy listening to our products as much as we do building them.  

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  • Always Focused on Quality – We believe every company should pride themselves on the quality they can achieve. We hold this belief to an especially high standard and strive to attain it everyday.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Bar None – We aim to offer our customers the highest level of service, selection, quality and value and the most compelling online and in store shopping experience possible.
  • Listen to Our Customers Feedback – Strive to continually improve to meet their demands. We treat our customers like gold, when they talk we listen.
  • Always Put the Customer First – Without them, we wouldn’t be in business!  If a customer has an issue, do everything in our power to solve the issue.
  • Quality Products No Gimmicks – We our products every day. Each product is thoughtfully designed with the best intentions and comes backed with our warranty.
  • Create a Highly Positive Work Environment – Promote a balance between work and an active lifestyle.