PANL1 (Speakers Only - No Subwoofer)

PANL1 (Speakers Only - No Subwoofer)


These are the bookshelf speakers only, for integrating into an existing audio setup.

The VETR Audio PANL1 is a stereo speaker system like no other. Its strikingly innovative design will catch eyes and complement any modern space. The centerpiece of each speaker is a twill carbon fiber panel, only 1.3mm thick, which provides crisp, natural sound. Our stands are 100% stainless steel, finished with a beautiful brushed surface or Eco-Friendly Matte Black powder coat. With a slim design and intelligent sizing, the PANL1 can fit into almost any space – whether at your computer desk, home theater, or in the living room for entertaining friends and family. The PANL1 system is a beautifully functional addition to any room.

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Frequency Response: 200Hz - 20kHz

Power Rating: 48W Each

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Package contents include:
2x PANL speakers (1 set)

Stand Finish:
Carbon Color:
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30 Day no questions asked return and repair policy. You pay the shipping to get the system back to us and well send you back your unit in tip top shape or give you a full refund.

Outside of 30 days we will have 1 year limited warranty. We like to keep things simple. It will cover manufacturing defects. If an issue does not fall under a manufacturing defect issue we will work out a solution with you that may entail purchasing new components to fix your system. Provide proof of purchase and get it back to us and we'll figure out the rest!